Electrical Safety

Ensuring Safety with Expert Electrical Services

Secure your home or business with Strong Tower Electrical's dedicated electrical safety services. Our licensed technicians in Davenport, FL, specialize in inspections, installations, and safety measures, ensuring your electrical system meets the highest standards

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Comprehensive Electrical Inspections

Prioritize safety with our thorough electrical inspections. Our skilled technicians identify potential hazards and provide expert recommendations to keep your electrical system secure and up to code.

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Installation of Safety Measures

Trust Strong Tower Electrical for expert installations of safety measures. From GFCI outlets to surge protectors, our licensed electricians enhance the safety of your home or business, protecting against electrical hazards.

Ensure the safety of your space with Strong Tower Electrical's expert services. Contact us for electrical safety solutions!

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"Very impressed how professional he was and the repairs he made at her house. We would definitely recommend him."

~ Sandra I.

Great company

"We used this company just before we left FL. Wish we had known about them earlier! Great company and wonderful work! Very thorough!"

~ Caryl R.

Right Attitude

"Consistent, high quality work. High level of knowledge, and the right tools with the right attitude. I’ve had him back for several different projects."

~Richard F.

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